19 7 / 2013

"Best email of today? Dreams do come true!" -Arianna

Arianna was our very first CorgiRental user. Jason and I met her at the Seattle Tech Meetup in June where we pitched the idea. She was hooked, so now all we had to do was find her a corgi. Well I’m glad to say we delivered and she hung out with Yorick for over an hour around Ravenna park. :)

22 6 / 2013

Name: Sir Yorick va Ragnarök (Yorick)
Birthday: 7/11/11
Gender: Male, neutered
Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Weight: ~40 lbs
Friendliness: Compatible with other dogs, cats, and parrots.
Best Feature: Fluffy bum.
Likes: Road trips, swimming (with life vest), hiking, dog parks, nature, physics, doggy lattes, poker, running up and down stairs, fine dining, soft things, hunting for truffles, stuff that squeaks, lounging, sleeping, the “grab my nose” game,” wearing the latest doggy fashions, comic books, and attention.
Dislikes: Being ignored, being woken up for snoring too loud, having to bring back a ball or Frisbee when he could be throwing it to himself, and not being fed when hungry.
Commands: Sit, Down, Touch, Up, Turtle (play dead), Barrel Roll (roll over), Inside, Outside, Upstairs, Downstairs, Go, Stop, Quiet, Inside Voice, Shake, and Gentle.
Facts: Can make snarffle sounds like a pig, snores real loud, and is a ladies’ man and a man’s man.
Bio: Sir Yorick is a knighted corgi, known for slaying dragons. He was bred in Japan, but was born in Redmond, Washington and his parents are both champion Pembroke Welsh Corgis. He is multilingual in English, German, and Canine. He has visited five states and two countries; he hopes to travel more. Yorick enjoys cuddling and makes an excellent little spoon. He can be active and go on adventures, or lounge around and chill out with you. He always attracts people and is often cited as being the cutest dog at the park (references available upon request). He is naturally sweet, funny, and very intelligent, making him an excellent wingman (attracting everyone) or companion.